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Tell your rep how you feel about rising fuel prices

Who has a plan for rising fuel prices? Official denunciation of our dependence on foreign oil is both phony and tiresome. The U.S. has hundreds of billions of barrels in untapped oil reserves in the Dakotas, the Outer Continental Shelf, ANWR and elsewhere. New technologies that are efficient, minimally disruptive and environmentally sensitive are ready to extract, produce, and deliver all the oil needed to meet the demands of our economy for at least a century and likely much longer. Ditto natural gas. Where drilling is still permitted, economies flourish. North Dakota, at 4 percent, has the lowest unemployment in the nation. We can be free of Middle East dictators if we only so choose.

But who chooses for us? The Obama machine has obstructed every imaginable path of access to our own natural resources. In defiance of a Federal District Court order, Obama has stopped deep water drilling in the Gulf. He opposes drilling anywhere, by any method, on behalf of Americans. He opposes any favorable tax treatment for oil and gas production. Still, he proclaims, “Our dependence on foreign oil threatens our National Security.”

So why does Obama encourage oil production by other nations? China and Mexico continue their oil operations in the Gulf and elsewhere offshore of the US. He has made $2 billion of U.S. financial assistance available to Petrobras, the Brazilian government– run oil company, for offshore fields.

While starving Americans of our own efficient and economical source of fuel, he spends untold billions underwriting “alternative” energy production. It will be generations, if ever, before solar, wind or biofuels meet a particle of our needs. But the cost to the taxpayers will be great enough to destroy our economy before that happens. Obama promotes “fuels” that are inefficient, obscenely expensive, and grossly inadequate. He then flips the bill to the taxpayers on whose backs he has already dumped more than $3 trillion of our growing national debt. But he denies us our own wealth of the cheap, efficient fuel that creates real job opportunities and once made our economy the envy of the world. Stupidity or deliberate strategy?

An honest campaign for energy self-sufficiency wouldn’t invite third world countries into American waters for oil denied to us. A determination to free American oil reserves for Americans would have immediate, sobering impact on the thugs in Middle East and elsewhere who now hold us hostage. Prices would adjust instantly; it is our decision to be free of them which they fear.

Citizens, as you value your way of life, you must communicate with your elected representatives the obligation to free the oil beneath our feet.

Carol Costanzo


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