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Q4000, a new-generation ultra-deepwater multi-service vessel


Caldive says the construction of the Q4000, its new-generation ultra-deepwater multi-service vessel, is now well advanced.Due to be introduced into service in mid-2001, the new vessel is a hybrid design combining elements of a column stabilised semi-submersible but without the usual hull cross bracing.Combined with four streamlined columns, this should provide improved hydrodynamic performance and enhanced dynamic positioning.Caldive says the Q4000 is configured to work efficiently and effectively in all water depths and in particular to carry out construction and well servicing at extreme depths.


Caldive says close attention has been paid in developing the design with regard to redundancy, safety, habitability, and seakeeping qualities in order to maximize efficiency and reduce building costs, allowing more competitive day rates. The overall design objective was, says Caldive, to create a new class of support vessel, which would outperform all multi service vessels.The Q400 also has a spacious work deck capable of supporting 4000 metric tons of variable deck load, and the capability to transport and install large under slung loads, thus ensuring that mobilization times and costs can be substantially reduced, whilst high transit speeds allow the vessel to rapidly move from one location to another.The combination of a high level of thruster power, reduced hydrodynamic effects, and excellent motions, will allow operators to carry out installation work in the winter and complete work normally assigned to summer periods.Working in water depths to up to 10,000 feet, the Q4000 will be capable of well completion and tree setting; template and module installation; intra-field flowline and umbilical lay; well servicing; steel pipelay (J-lay or reel-lay); life of field support; repair and maintenance; and field decommissioning.

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