Gulf of Mexico Offshore Field Development Projects

Offshore fields today are found in the North Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, the Campos and Santos Basins off the coasts of Brazil, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia (Atlantic Canada), several fields off West Africa most notably west of Nigeria and Angola, as well as offshore fields in South East Asia and Sakhalin, Russia. Also major offshore oil fields are located in the Persian Gulf such as Safaniya, Manifa, and Marjan which belong to Saudi Arabia and are developed by Saudi Aramco.

Offshore oil and gas production is more challenging than land-based installations due to the remote and harsher environment. Much of the innovation in the offshore petroleum sector concerns overcoming these challenges, including the need to provide very large production facilities. Production and drilling facilities may be very large and a large investment, such as the Troll A platform standing on a depth of 300 meters.

Another type of offshore platform may float with a mooring system to maintain it on location. While a floating system may be lower cost in deeper waters than a fixed platform, the dynamic nature of the platforms introduces many challenges for the drilling and production facilities.

The ocean can add several hundred meters or more to the fluid column. The addition increases the equivalent circulating density and downhole pressures in drilling wells, as well as the energy needed to lift produced fluids for separation on the platform.

The trend today is to conduct more of the production operations subsea, by separating water from oil and re-injecting it rather than pumping it up to a platform, or by flowing to onshore, with no installations visible above the sea. Subsea installations help to exploit resources at progressively deeper waters, locations which have been inaccessible, and overcome challenges posed by sea ice, such as in the Barents Sea.

Clipper Clipper Under Development 1,052 m / 3,472 ft
Telemark Morgus Under Development 1,312 m / 4,330 ft
Auger Ozona Deep Under Development 1,000 m / 3,300 ft
Tubular Bells Tubular Bells Under Development 1,311 m / 4,326 ft
Pyrenees Discovery Pyrenees Under Development 640 m / 2,112 ft
Jack/St. Malo Jack Under Development 2,134 m / 7,042 ft
Jack/St. Malo St. Malo Under Development 640 m / 2,112 ft
West Boreas West Boreas Under Development 943 m / 3,112 ft
Who Dat Who Dat Under Development 914 m / 3,016 ft
Mars Deimos South Under Development 946 m / 3,122 ft
Pompano MC 72 Under Development 614 m / 2,026 ft
Big Foot Big Foot Under Development 1,524 m / 5,029 ft
Na Kika Isabela Under Development 1,981 m / 6,537 ft
Na Kika Santa Cruz Under Development 1,981 m / 6,537 ft
The Greater Chinook Area Cascade Under Development 2,500 m / 8,250 ft
The Greater Chinook Area Chinook Under Development 2,690 m / 8,877 ft
Dalmatian North Dalmatian North Under Development 1,793 m / 5,917 ft
Constitution Caesar Under Development 1,372 m / 4,528 ft
Constitution Tonga West Under Development 1,433 m / 4,729 ft
Constitution Tonga Under Development 1,430 m / 4,719 ft
Perdido Silvertip Under Development 2,812 m / 9,280 ft
Perdido Tobago Under Development 2,926 m / 9,656 ft
Phoenix Boris Under Development 727 m / 2,399 ft
Atlantis Atlantis North Under Development 1,647 m / 5,435 ft
Gotcha Gotcha Under Development 2,377 m / 7,844 ft
EW 998 EW 998 Under Development 401 m / 1,323 ft

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