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The Sports Illustrated team are announcing the NMS Girl Of The Day each weekday to celebrate some of the hottest entrants into the competition this year.

NMS Girl Of The Day #59 – Nadia Van Der Merwe

April 26, 2012

I’ve been sitting here with tears streaming down my cheeks, dripping onto my keyboard.

This is the last NMS Girl Of The Day. Our run is over. The fun is at an end.

No longer do I arrive at work with a massive decision to make. No longer to I hold the hopes and dreams of so many in my hands.

There is some good news, though, but I’m too sad to share it with you today. Come back on Monday and hopefully I’ll be in a better mood.

For now let’s just enjoy and VOTE FOR NADIA.


NMS Girl Of The Day #59 – Nadia Van Der MerweSports Illustrated.

NMS Girl Of The Day #26 – Donna Solomons

Online Guy must come clean here and admit a glaring oversight. The fact that it has taken me over a month to feature Donna Solomons as a NMS Girl Of The Day is almost unforgivable.

It’s not that I was unaware of Donna’s great claim to a NMS Girl Of The Day badge. Those claims are obvious. It’s more complacency as I watched with great pride as she dominated voting on The Bounce to earn herself a Bounce Badge and I simply assumed that she already must have been NMS Girl Of The Day.

You know what they say about assumption and how it makes an ass out of you and me. Well this oversight just made an ass out of me.

Thank goodness for the Social Media suggestions where Donna and her fans brought the error of my ways to my attention.

Donna – please accept my humblest apologies. You’re a deserving NMS Girl Of The Day and I just spent the first 15 minutes of my day voting for you. I suggest that you all do the same and VOTE FOR DONNA!

Interestingly Donna has over 140 000 votes already which just goes to show how that smile of hers will win over voters in their droves.

March 8, 2012

NMS Girl Of The Day #26 – Donna Solomons.

NMS Girl Of The Day #25 – Liezel Volschenk

Right, it’s that time again where I’m tasked with writing one of this incredibly witty and cutting edge blurbs for our NMS Girl Of The Day. It’s becoming increasingly difficult as our readers wise up to my tricks and start pointing out that I’m using the words ‘stunning’ more than a cougar from Sea Point at the latest Ed Hardy sale.

As a result I’ve decided for today to not simply point out the obvious.  A normal picture is worth a thousand words and we’ve got two pictures here that are well out of the ordinary.

It seems you, dear reader, agree as our social media feeds have been clogged up with calls for the inclusion of Liezel Volschenk as the NMS Girl Of The Day.

Remember, now, that NMS Girl Of The Day is just a stepping stone to fame and fortune.  If you want to ensure that Liezel makes it into the final 15 (and therefore stand a 1/15 chance of making the Sports Illustrated Swimwear shoot) you need to… drumroll… VOTE FOR LIEZEL NOW!

March 7, 2012

NMS Girl Of The Day #25 – Liezel VolschenkSports Illustrated.

NMS Girl Of The Day #24 – Samantha Laura Kaye

The beauty of the connected world we live in is that you, our beloved public, have an opportunity to chat directly to us here in the Sports Illustrated HQ and feedback on what you like, what you don’t like and where we are missing the point. It’s part of the reason we decided to do social media nominations this week and it’s paying off handsomely.

Handsomely is rather the wrong word isn’t it? Guys are handsome. NMS entrants are ‘beautiful’, ‘sexy’, ‘sultry’, ‘stunning’, ‘pretty’, ‘hot’… I’ve been exhausting poor old Roget’s Thesaurus looking for superlatives for what we’re seeing every week.

Take the case of Samantha Laura Kaye our NMS Girl Of The Day for today.  Samantha has pulled in over 50 000 votes, but somehow hadn’t quite hit the Online Guy’s radar yet.  Look you can’t blame me – I’ve got other duties to perform here and we’ve got over 800 entries already!

Samantha is clearly hugely popular and drummed up a number of Tweets, blog posts and Facebook comments to set me right and now it’s time to unveil her as our NMS Girl Of The Day. Samantha (@slkaye on Twitter) points out that lingerie pictures like these show that she’s got what it takes to make the final 15.

March 6, 2012

NMS Girl Of The Day #24 – Samantha Laura KayeSports Illustrated.

NMS Girl Of The Day #23 – Tenille De Beer

You have to realise something about picking a New Model Search Girl Of The Day – it’s bloody hard work.  My mates are always phoning me up and saying, “Online Guy I wish I had your job,” and “it must be so cool to sit and look at pretty girls all day,” and things like that.

While they have got a point, they forget that it’s bloody hard work this whole NMS Girl Of The Day thing.  With over 600 entrants into the competition already it could take you a whole day to simply click through and evaluate them all. We don’t have that kind of time as our demanding fans want their NMS Girl Of The Day promptly when they arrive at work in the morning and that means added pressure.

It’s no Mickey Mouse prize being selected as NMS Girl Of The Day and featured on the Sports Illustrated website – so we decided to crowd-source some assistance calling for models and their fans to point us in the right direction using social media.  The response was great and that gave me the idea to have a whole week of NMS Girls Of The Day selected from those suggested to us on Twitter and Facebook.

We won’t be able to feature everyone this week, but there’s no harm in bringing your favourites to our attention  (send the links of the entrants you’d like to see featured to me at @SI_OnlineGuy) as it always helps to remind us of anyone we might have missed along the way.

Our first NMS Girl Of The Day badge in this ‘social media week’ goes to @TenilleDeBeer who was very quick out the blocks in putting her link through and definitely has what it takes to be an NMS Girl Of The Day.

Help push Tenille towards the final 15 of the competition by VOTING FOR TENILLE NOW!

March 5, 2012

NMS Girl Of The Day #23 – Tenille De Beer Sports Illustrated.

NMS Girl Of The Day #20 – Cara Jackson

Thank you to everyone who very kindly said that they quite enjoy these cheesy little NMS Girl Of The Day blurbs that I write every morning.  You’ve filled on Online Guy with good vibes this morning and as a reward I’m going to do exactly the same thing I do every morning: namely post a smoking hot NMS Girl Of The Day for your enjoyment.

I’ll let you know that there’s some fierce competition, rivalry and hi-jinx going on in the Sports Illustrated HQ as we try to pick the NMS Girl Of  The Day each morning.  People are punting their favourites, checking statistics to see which post gets the most views and trash talking the selections of others.  It’s quite heated stuff!

If you’d like to recommend someone for NMS Girl Of The Day the best way to do it is on Twitter. Send us the link on Twitter to @SI_SouthAfrica or to me @SI_OnlineGuy and we’ll take your selection into consideration.  Who knows – you might even become an overnight Twitter celebrity. Or something like that.

Without further ado – head over and VOTE FOR CARA JACKSON. Who, if you hadn’t noticed, is on another level!

February 29, 2012

NMS Girl Of The Day #20 – Cara Jackson Sports Illustrated.

NMS Girl Of The Day #19 – Tasmin Vorster

NMS Girl Of The Day #19 - Tasmin Vorster

There’s been no indication from any of you that you enjoy these witty little intros that I write each day about our New Model Search Girl Of The Day.  There have, however, been a few calls to stop the waffling and get the pictures out there.

I know some of you aren’t even reading this!  I could write about the latest budget, the price of cheese or just about anything – even my feelings! – and not one of you would even know it was happening.  See!  Exactly – nobody sees because you’re all blinded by the beauty of Tasmin Vorster today.

And I’m cool with that. It hurts the old feelings a bit, but I’ll get over it.

If I shout at you and tell you to VOTE FOR TASMIN VORSTER! at least some of you have the decency to to that.  I’ll also congratulate Tasmin on a particularly hot entry.

Here’s the second picture you’ve been waiting for…

NMS Girl Of The Day #19 - Tasmin Vorster

February 28, 2012

NMS Girl Of The Day #19 – Tasmin Vorster Sports Illustrated.

NMS Girl Of The Day #18 – Elena Pappas

You might recognise today’s NMS Girl Of The Day badge winner Elena Pappas from a recent MTV reality TV show.  Or you might not.

What we’re sure you will agree with, though, is that Elena is definitely a worthy winner of the NMS Girl Of The Day badge for today.

Remember you need to VOTE FOR ELENA if you’d like to see her in the final 15 of the Sports Illustrated New Model Search.

February 27, 2012

NMS Girl Of The Day #18 – Elena PappasSports Illustrated.

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