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Utah Data Center Technical Specifications

Data Storage Capacity

The storage capacity of the Utah Data Center will be measured in “zettabytes”. What exactly is a zettabyte? There are a thousand gigabytes in a terabyte; a thousand terabytes in a petabyte; a thousand petabytes in an exabyte; and a thousand exabytes in a zettabyte. Some of our employees like to refer to them as “alottabytes”.
Learn more about the domestic surveillance data we plan to process and store in the Utah Data Center.


NMS Girl Of The Day #26 – Donna Solomons

Online Guy must come clean here and admit a glaring oversight. The fact that it has taken me over a month to feature Donna Solomons as a NMS Girl Of The Day is almost unforgivable.

It’s not that I was unaware of Donna’s great claim to a NMS Girl Of The Day badge. Those claims are obvious. It’s more complacency as I watched with great pride as she dominated voting on The Bounce to earn herself a Bounce Badge and I simply assumed that she already must have been NMS Girl Of The Day.

You know what they say about assumption and how it makes an ass out of you and me. Well this oversight just made an ass out of me.

Thank goodness for the Social Media suggestions where Donna and her fans brought the error of my ways to my attention.

Donna – please accept my humblest apologies. You’re a deserving NMS Girl Of The Day and I just spent the first 15 minutes of my day voting for you. I suggest that you all do the same and VOTE FOR DONNA!

Interestingly Donna has over 140 000 votes already which just goes to show how that smile of hers will win over voters in their droves.

March 8, 2012

NMS Girl Of The Day #26 – Donna Solomons.

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