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NMS Girl Of The Day #25 – Liezel Volschenk

Right, it’s that time again where I’m tasked with writing one of this incredibly witty and cutting edge blurbs for our NMS Girl Of The Day. It’s becoming increasingly difficult as our readers wise up to my tricks and start pointing out that I’m using the words ‘stunning’ more than a cougar from Sea Point at the latest Ed Hardy sale.

As a result I’ve decided for today to not simply point out the obvious.  A normal picture is worth a thousand words and we’ve got two pictures here that are well out of the ordinary.

It seems you, dear reader, agree as our social media feeds have been clogged up with calls for the inclusion of Liezel Volschenk as the NMS Girl Of The Day.

Remember, now, that NMS Girl Of The Day is just a stepping stone to fame and fortune.  If you want to ensure that Liezel makes it into the final 15 (and therefore stand a 1/15 chance of making the Sports Illustrated Swimwear shoot) you need to… drumroll… VOTE FOR LIEZEL NOW!

March 7, 2012

NMS Girl Of The Day #25 – Liezel VolschenkSports Illustrated.

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