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NMS Girl Of The Day #24 – Samantha Laura Kaye

The beauty of the connected world we live in is that you, our beloved public, have an opportunity to chat directly to us here in the Sports Illustrated HQ and feedback on what you like, what you don’t like and where we are missing the point. It’s part of the reason we decided to do social media nominations this week and it’s paying off handsomely.

Handsomely is rather the wrong word isn’t it? Guys are handsome. NMS entrants are ‘beautiful’, ‘sexy’, ‘sultry’, ‘stunning’, ‘pretty’, ‘hot’… I’ve been exhausting poor old Roget’s Thesaurus looking for superlatives for what we’re seeing every week.

Take the case of Samantha Laura Kaye our NMS Girl Of The Day for today.  Samantha has pulled in over 50 000 votes, but somehow hadn’t quite hit the Online Guy’s radar yet.  Look you can’t blame me – I’ve got other duties to perform here and we’ve got over 800 entries already!

Samantha is clearly hugely popular and drummed up a number of Tweets, blog posts and Facebook comments to set me right and now it’s time to unveil her as our NMS Girl Of The Day. Samantha (@slkaye on Twitter) points out that lingerie pictures like these show that she’s got what it takes to make the final 15.

March 6, 2012

NMS Girl Of The Day #24 – Samantha Laura KayeSports Illustrated.

NMS Girl Of The Day #16 – Lisa Odendaal

Lisa Odendaal’s entry into the 2012 New Model Search sums up the spirit of the competition. An absolutely stunning entrant, great photography, swimwear and a beach.

If you look at the pictures for too long you could drift off into a happy place and forget all about sitting at your desk doing your job with your boss breathing down your neck. That’s the feeling we like to create here at Sports Illustrated HQ.

So we needed to reward Lisa for helping us do this – and what better way to do that than the NMS Girl Of The Day badge. Well done Lisa.

Remember to VOTE FOR LISA!

NMS Girl Of The Day #16 – Lisa OdendaalSports Illustrated.

NMS Girl Of The Day #2 – Chantelle Hammann

It was pointed out to me during the selection of the second NMS Girl Of The Day that yesterday’s inaugural NMS Girl Of The Day was also a Chantel (see Chantel Fouche’s post here). My response was that the spelling is different, the hair colour is different and that they are quite clearly different people.  And that they are both smoking hot entries into the NMS 2012.

I won that argument – and the second girl to win a NMS Girl Of The Day badge is the beautiful Chantelle Hamman.  We’re sure you all agree that it’s the type of hotness that we like to get our weekend off to a flying start.

What you need to do now, though, is VOTE FOR CHANTELLE! That is if you’d like to see her in the Sports Illustrated Swimwear edition.

NMS Girl Of The Day #2 – Chantelle HammannSports Illustrated.

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