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Letter: Middle East politics troubling

Monday, April 11, 2011

Aaron Klein, bureau chief for World Net Daily, reported that Frank Wisner, former ambassador to Egypt, secretly met with Issam El-Erain, senior leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, at the request of President Barack Obama. This is not the first time that Obama has been charged with affiliating with Egypt’s opposition. U.S. Ambassador to Egypt Margaret Scoby was aware of the coup since 2008 and kept Obama apprised of her continuing talks with activists.

A senior in the Egyptian Parliament told WND that they were concerned why Obama supports Muslim interests. Prior to the last election, Obama encouraged President Hosni Mubarak to use voter monitors to ensure a fair election. Having lost almost all seats, the Muslim Brotherhood lost little time getting Obama involved. Obama was quoted saying he was deeply concerned about a possible fraudulent election and asked Mubarak to hold another. According to WikiLeaks, a senior Egyptian diplomat told WND he suspects Obama has been aiding protest planning through Mohamed Elbaraei.

Elbaraei just happened to arrive in Egypt shortly after protesting began and was asked to become the key negotiator for the Muslim Brotherhood with an eye toward the presidency. Coincidentally, Elbaraei just happens to serve on the board of the International Crisis Group, headed by George Soros. Recently, Fox News reported that Obama and Soros, plus other socialist colleagues, just happened to visit Mubarak after the last election. Why would Obama take Soros and his band of socialist/Marxists to Egypt when clearly Soros lives and breathes socialism/Marxism. The Washington Post (Feb. 3) said Soros hates Jews and seeks an Egyptian government comprised by the Muslim Brotherhood with Elbaraei as its leader. Don’t forget that Egypt owns and operates the Suez Canal.

I’m not very proud of what I learned this week.



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