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Drill Tower Lift-Off record

Uploaded by HeavyLiftSpecialist on Aug 15, 2011

Lifting of a 2340 tons drill tower onto the new drillship Noble Globetrotter at the Huisman yard in Schiedam, the Netherlands on 6th of Aug. 2011

As lifting is done from 5 lifting lugs below the Center of Gravity, stability of the load is crucial.

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NLI and Ulstein showcase new derrick concept

Together with Ulstein Sea of Solutions, NLI are now well established in the derrick and drilling market and have developed an integrated derrick with drill floor system for installation on vessel decks.



Models of the Northern Light derrick concept

“This type of drilling package is a familiar product on the global market, but this concept is unique in that it involves an integrated system providing several benefits and enhanced working conditions”, says Marketing Director Sigve Barvik at NLI.

The derrick system is equipped with cables and pipes integrated within its rear legs. This greatly reduces equipment maintenance requirements. A lift is installed in one of the front legs which can stop at six different levels – making it easier for workers to gain access with equipment during servicing. The system thus also enhances the safety of deck operatives. A further major benefit is that the upper derrick structure is retractable, allowing the vessel to pass below bridges without the need to dismantle any of the equipment.

The new derrick system is called Northern Light and was unveiled at the OTC oil expo in Houston in May this year. NLI and Ulstein showcased a physical model of the system at OTC, and the new concept attracted considerable attention. Several companies have already expressed an interest in the new concept and we will be following up these enquiries closely.

”We believe this system will make a big breakthrough in the global market”, says Barvik. “There are several competitive advantages in building a complete and integrated derrick. There are major advantages to a derrick with drill floor that can be hoisted on board a vessel in one lift, fully tested and ready for use”, he concludes.

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USA: Ulstein Sea of Solutions and NLI Present New Integrated Derrick Solution at OTC


At the OTC in Houston Ulstein Sea of Solutions and NLI introduced a new, integrated derrick solution based on existing drilling equipment, readily available in the market.

With the development of the ‘Northern Light’ drilling derrick an alternative solution is provided based on proven and well known industry technologies to contractors and shipyards worldwide. The fully integrated derrick includes the drillfloor and substructure and can be transported, delivered and installed as one turnkey unit either from a shipyard or from NLI’s construction yard.

The derrick consists of a box beam structure with a collapsible/retractable top part to pass bridges. Pipes, cables and elevator all run inside the derrick legs, allowing for a sheltered environment, reduced maintenance costs and increased safety. As such, the derrick is very suitable to be upgraded for arctic operations.


This new derrick design uses conventional drilling equipment readily available in the market, but because of its lay-out offers a clean drillfloor and much more operational flexibility as three operations can be simultaneously performed. This is achieved by having the BOP and riser string handling outside of the derrick as is the case for X’mas tree deployment. Stand / casing building is performed within the derrick.

Integrated derrick offers clean drill floor and advanced safety and maintenance

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