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Worldwide Field Development News Oct 19 – Oct 25, 2013

This week the SubseaIQ team added 4 new projects and updated 13 projects. You can see all the updates made over any time period via the Project Update History search. The latest offshore field development news and activities are listed below for your convenience.

Africa – West

Lukoil Strikes Oil Offshore Sierra Leone

Oct 24, 2013 – Lukoil completed drilling the Savannah-1X wildcat in the Sl-5-11 license offshore Sierra Leone. The well was drilled on schedule by the Eirik Raude (UDW semisub) to a depth of 14,519 feet. Several oil-bearing reservoirs were confirmed and oil samples were taken from Turonian sands. Drilling data will be evaluated through the end of the year to advance the company’s geological understanding of the area.

Project Details: Savannah

Asia – Far East

CNOOC Announces Additional Bohai Bay Discoveries

Oct 24, 2013 – CNOOC announced an oil discovery at its Luda 5-2 North field in Bohai Bay. The Luda 5-2N-2 and Luda 5-2N-4 wells were each drilled to a depth of 3,740 feet and encountered gross pay zones of 390 and 280 feet respectively. Luda 5-2N-2 tested oil at a rate 1,040 barrels per day. Additionally, the company announced the successful appraisal of the Kenli 9-5/9-6 oil field. The Kenli 9-5-2D and 9-6-2 wells were drilled in the southern part of Bohai Bay. Kenli 9-6-2 flowed at a rate of 200 barrels per day.

S. America – Brazil

Petrobras-led Consortium to Develop Pre-Salt Libra Field

Oct 24, 2013 – A group of companies comprised of Petrobras, Shell, Total, CNPC and CNOOC won a 35-year production sharing contract to develop the Libra pre-salt oil field in the Santos Basin offshore Brazil. Libra is located in block BM-S-11 in 6,500 feet of water and is estimated to hold as much at 12 billion barrels of oil. Additional appraisal will be needed to determine the best development scenario and to confirm production rates that are currently estimated at 1.4 MMbopd. Petrobras will serve as the operator with a 40 percent stake on behalf of its partners Shell (20 percent), Total (20 percent), CNPC (10 percent) and CNOOC (10 percent).

Europe – North Sea

ENI’s Receives Disappointing Results at Bonna

Oct 24, 2013 – Drilling results at Eni’s Bonna prospect in the Barents Sea proved to be disappointing. Well 7016/2-1 was drilled by the Scarabeo 8 (UDW semisub) to a depth of 13,205 feet. The well was drilled to investigate the possibility of gas in the Eocene and Paleocene reservoirs of the Sotbakken Group. No reservoir-quality rocks were encountered and the well has been declared dry.

Project Details: Bonna

Asia – SouthEast

Songa Mercur Spuds Spuds ENI’s Ca Ngu Well

Oct 24, 2013 – Neon Energy announced the spud of the Ca Ngu-1 exploration well in Block 120 offshore Vietnam. The objective of the well is to prove the presence of hydrocarbons in Pliocene clastic and Miocene carbonate reservoirs. Block operator ENI secured the Songa Mercur (mid-water semisub) to drill the well in 885 feet of water to a target depth of around 4,900 feet. If successful, the well could de-risk the nearby Rua Bien and Ca Lang prospects. Block 120 partners consist of ENI (50%), Neon Energy (25%) and KrisEnergy (25%).

Project Details: Ca Ngu

Galoc-6H Flows at Expected Rate

Oct 24, 2013 – Subsea tree installation, well clean-up and flow testing of the Galoc-6H development well have successfully been completed at the Otto Energy-operated Galoc field. Galoc-6H flowed at a stable rate of 3,800 bopd on a 56/64-inch choke with a flowing tubing pressure of ~570 psi. These results were constrained by the testing equipment onboard the Ocean Patriot (mid-water semisub). Once tied into production facilities, Otto expects normal production from the well to reach 4,000 to 6,000 bopd. The 5H and 6H wells were drilled as part of the Phase II development plan which aims to increase field production to 12,000 bopd. Phase II production is scheduled to begin in November 2013.

Project Details: Galoc

S. America – Other & Carib.

Total to Proceed With Vega Pleyade Development

Oct 25, 2013 – French supermajor Total announced its decision to move forward with the development of the Vega Pleyade gas and condensate field offshore Argentina. The field is located in the Cuenca Marina Austral 1 (CMA-1) concession that Total has operated since 1978. Development consists of installing a new production platform in about 160 feet of water. Three production wells will be drilled from the platform and produced gas will flow through 48 miles of subsea pipeline to a treatment plant at Rio Cullen. In a separate initiative, Total will begin a drilling campaign in 2014 aimed at boosting production from the Carina field and providing additional appraisal in CMA-1. Total owns a 37.5 percent stake in the concession. Its partners include Wintershall (37.5 percent) and Pan American Energy (25 percent).

Project Details: Vega Pleyade


Eni Establishes Additional Resources at Evans Shoal

Oct 25, 2013 – Drilling operations are complete at the Eni-operated Evans Shoal North-1 appraisal well. The well, located in the Timor Sea, was drilled by the Ensco 104 (400′ ILC) to a depth of almost 13,000 feet. Results indicate that the Evans Shoal North-1 reservoir is in communication with the reservoir encountered while drilling Evans Shoal-2. Eni conducted a production test and achieved a constrained rate of 30 MMscfd. The operator estimates the Evans Shoal field to contain at least 8 Tcf of in place gas resources and remains committed to establishing a fast-track development in the area. Eni’s partners in the field include Shell (32.5 percent), Petronas (25 percent) and Osaka Gas (10 percent).

Project Details: Evans Shoal

ExxonMobil Flips the Switch at Tuna and Turrum

Oct 25, 2013 – ExxonMobil announced the start of production from its Kipper Tuna Turrum (KTT) project in the Bass Strait. Gas is now being produced at the Tuna field and oil is flowing from Turrum to the Marlin B production platform. At $4.3 billion, KTT is the largest domestic oil and gas development on Australia’s eastern seaboard. Production startup from the Kipper field is expected to commence in 2016.

Project Details: Kipper Tuna Turrum (KTT)

Worldwide Field Development News Sep 28 – Oct 4, 2013

This week the SubseaIQ team added 6 new projects and updated 26 projects. You can see all the updates made over any time period via the Project Update History search. The latest offshore field develoment news and activities are listed below for your convenience.

Europe – North Sea

Lundin Successfully Flows Permian Oil in Barents Sea

Oct 2, 2013 – Lundin Petroleum completed a production test on the Permian carbonate reservoir encountered in the previously announced Gohta discovery. During the test, a maximum flowrate of 4,300 bopd was achieved through a 44/64″ choke with a gas/oil ration of 1,040 standard cubic feet per barrel. Flow properties were stable for over 24 hours with pressure build-up lasting 36 hours. Gohta is the first successful flow test of Permian carbonate reservoirs on the Norwegian shelf. Early estimates of Gohta oil and gas resources indicate the possibility of between 105 and 235 MMboe.

Project Details: Gohta

Dana and Partners Spin the Bit at Pharos

Oct 2, 2013 – Drilling is underway at the Pharos prospect in UK North Sea license P1566. Well 47/5d-6 is being drilled by the Noble Lynda Bossler (250′ ILC) and is targeting an estimated 500 Bcf of natural gas in the Rotliegendes formation. The large prospect covers portions of blocks 47/4d, 47/5d and 47/10c and is thought to contain nearly three times the amount of gas as the 2010 Platypus discovery just over 8 miles away. If successful, it is possible that Pharos and Platypus could be developed as a single project. Partners in the license include Dana Petroleum (35%) as operator, Parkmead (20%), Dyas Exploration (15%), MPX (15%) and Hansa (15%).

Project Details: Pharos

Lundin Continues Johan Sverdrup Appraisal Success

Oct 1, 2013 – Lundin Petroleum’s most recent Johan Sverdrup delineation well encountered an oil column approximately 20 feet thick in excellent quality Upper Jurassic sands in the south western portion of license PL501. Well 16/5-4 was drilled by the Bredford Dolphin (mid-water semisub) to a depth of 6,808 feet. A pressure gauge was installed down hole to monitor pressure development in the reservoir over a period of 2 to 5 years. The rig will now move to the southeastern flank of Johan Sverdrup to drill the 16/3-7 appraisal well.

Project Details: Johan Sverdrup

Island Innovator Spuds Torvastad Wildcat

Oct 1, 2013 – Lundin Petroleum announced the start of exploratory drilling with the spud of well 16/2-20S at the Torvastad prospect just north of the Johan Sverdrup discovery in license PL501. The well is designed to test the northern extension and quality of the Jurassic reservoirs found in Johan Sverdrup. The well will be drilled by the Island Innovator (mid-water semisub) to a depth of 6,807 feet. Lundin, the license operator, expects the rig to be on location for 55 days. Equity holder in PL501 include Lundin (40%), Statoil (40%) and Maersk Oil (20%).

Project Details: Torvastad

Asia – SouthEast

Te Giac Trang Well Test Confirms Robust Resource Base

Oct 3, 2013 – SOCO International announced the results of a production test conducted on the TGT-10XST1 well which was recently drilled at the Te Giac Trang field off Vietnam. The well cut through over 800 feet of pay in Oligocene and Miocene reservoirs. Three zones were evaluated during the test which was carried out over one Oligocene and two Miocene sections. Testing achieved a combined average flowrate of 27,600 boepd. The well is one of the most prolific ever drilled off the coast of Vietnam.

Project Details: Te Giac Trang (White Rhinoceros)

Salamander’s Ayutthaya Well P&A’d as Dry Hole

Oct 1, 2013 – Salamander Energy reached total depth at the Ayutthaya well in Block G4/50 in the Gulf of Thailand. The well was drilled to 7,526 feet and encountered excellent quality reservoirs prognosis. Unfortunately, no signs of hydrocarbons were seen while drilling or on wireline logs. The well has been plugged and abandoned.

Africa – Other

BG Group Conducts Successful Pweza DST

Oct 3, 2013 – BG Group’s Pweza discovery appraisal program continues to be successful. The Deepsea Metro I (UDW drillship) drilled the Pweza-3 well to total depth and conducted a 5-day drill stem test (DST) that delivered a maximum flowrate of 57 MMscfd. The results were constrained by testing equipment which shows that Pweza development wells could be capable of flowing at much higher rates. The rig will now relocate to Block 1 to drill the Mzia-3 appraisal.

Project Details: Pweza


Delek Group Reports Successful Production Test at Aphrodite-2

Oct 1, 2013 – Noble Energy, operator of Block 12 in the Cyprus Exclusive Economic Zone, carried out a successful production test at the Aphrodite-2 appraisal well. The test was performed onboard the Ensco 5006 (DW semisub) for a duration of 5 days. Delek Group, a junior partner in the well, reported an average flow rate of 32.7 MMscfd with an initial reservoir pressure of 8,961 psi. No appreciable decline in pressure was observed. Well test results were constrained by the testing equipment. Once the well is secured the rig will sail back to Israeli waters to drill the South West Tamar exploration well in the Eran/353 license.

Project Details: Aphrodite

S. America – Brazil

Karoon Planning Kangaroo Appraisal in Santos Basin

Oct 3, 2013 – Karoon Gas Australia continues to progress engineering and geotechnical studies related to its Kangaroo oil discovery off Brazil. Kangaroo and the undrilled Kangaroo West prospect will be the focus of Karoon’s Phase 2 drilling program in the Santos Basin. The Karoon-2 appraisal well is being planned as a priority to confirm the size of the oil column and to confirm the reservoir properties and continuity up-dip from the discovery well. Kangaroo West-1 will be drilled as the second well in Phase 2 due to its potential size which could be in excess of 150 million barrels and proximity to the main field. Additionally, Karoon contracted Worley Parsons and Intecsea to undertake pre-FEED studies for the development. If the Kangaroo work program yields positive results first oil could be seen as early as 2018.

Project Details: Kangaroo

Asia – South

Santos Pulls the Plug on Production at Sangu

Oct 2, 2013 – Production at the Sangu gas field has come to an end after several years of steady decline in production rates. Sangu is the only gas field off the coast of Bangladesh. Santos, the operator, made the decision to shutdown the operation as it was only able to produce 2.4 MMcfd which is far below the 15 MMcfd needed to make the project economically viable. As part of the Production Sharing Contract Santos will hand over control of the platform, subsea pipeline and onshore processing plant to state-run Bangladesh Oil, Gas and Mineral Corporation, or Petrobangla.

Project Details: Sangu

S. America – Other & Carib.

Total Transfers Block 2(c) Interest to NGC Trinidad & Tobago

Oct 3, 2013 – Total announced the receipt of regulatory approval for a transaction that will see the company transfer its 30% working interest in Block 2(c) to The National Gas Company of Trinidad & Tobago (NGC) for $437 million. Block 2(c) contains the producing Angostura, Aripo, Canteen and Kairi fields that make up the Greater Angostura Area. NGC’s share of production from the fields will amount to approximately 15,000 beod. Total’s divestment of these assets is in line with the company’s strategy of freeing up capital to focus on areas that possess higher growth potential.

Project Details: Greater Angostura

BPZ Updates Development Drilling Program Off Peru

Oct 1, 2013 – Development drilling is underway at the Albacora field in Block Z-1 off the coast of Peru. BPZ Energy announced the spud of the A-18D well from the Albacora platform. It is expected to take twelve weeks to reach the proposed total depth of 12,000 feet. Development drilling at the Corvina field commenced in July with the CX15-1D well. Results from the well are expected in October. BPZ, the field operator, and its partner Pacific Rubiales plan to drill at least 2 wells at Albacora and 3 well at Corvina as part of the development program.

Project Details: Albacora

Gulf of Mexico: Stone Energy Completes Taggart Prospect Drilling Ops

Stone Energy Corporation provided an update on the deep water Taggart prospect, including the exploratory well drilled at Mississippi Canyon 816. Drilling operations have been completed and the rig is being released.

The well has been logged, and pressure readings, cores and fluid samples have been taken in the Pliocene and Upper Miocene section sands. The data indicates a discovery with approximately 90 feet of net oil and gas condensate pay in two sands. The partners plan to further analyze the data from this well and develop a plan which is expected to include a sub-sea tie back to an existing facility. Stone holds approximately 23% working interest in the project, and LLOG Exploration Offshore, L.L.C. is the operator.

A discovery was also made on the Taildancer prospect at Ship Shoal 113, with the well encountering 130 feet of net oil and gas pay. Production from this discovery is projected to be on line in the fourth quarter of 2013. Stone is the operator with a 100% working interest.

The rig for the deep water San Marcos prospect at Mississippi Canyon 983 is on location and has begun drilling. Stone holds a 25% working interest in the prospect which is operated by Apache Deepwater LLC.

Stone also provided updated production guidance for the third quarter of 2013, increasing from 42-45 Mboe per day (252-270 MMcfe per day) to 46-49 Mboe per day (276-294 MMcfe per day). The full year guidance has also been increased from 41-44 Mboe per day (246-264 MMcfe per day) to 43.5-45.0 Mboe per day (261-270 MMcfe per day). The increase was due to higher projected Appalachian volumes, incremental volumes from the La Cantera field and a more active workover/recompletion GOM shelf program. The guidance still incorporates some projected hurricane shut-in time as well as reduced fourth quarter volumes in Appalachia due to cold weather pipeline restrictions.

Additionally, Stone’s Board of Directors has authorized an increase to the 2013 capital expenditure budget from $650 million to $710 million, which excludes major acquisitions and capitalized SG&A and interest. Most of the capital expenditure budget increase is expected to be in the GOM deep water, with a minor increase in the Appalachia area. The final capital expenditure amount and the allocation of capital across the various areas is subject to change based on several factors including permitting times, rig availability, non-operator decisions, farm-in opportunities and commodity pricing.


Worldwide Field Development News Aug 17 – Aug 23, 2013

This week the SubseaIQ team added 13 new projects and updated 30 projects. You can see all the updates made over any time period via the Project Update History search. The latest offshore field develoment news and activities are listed below for your convenience.

Europe – North Sea
Statoil Makes Find at Smorbukk North
Aug 22, 2013 – Statoil announced a gas and condensate discovery at its Smorbukk North prospect in the Haltenbanken area of the Norwegian Sea. Well 6506/9-3 was drilled to a depth of 15,393 feet by the Transocean Leader (mid-water semisub). A 130-foot gas and condensate column was encountered in a down-to situation in the middle Jurassic Garn formation. Additionally, a thin gas and condensate section was proven in the deeper Ile formation. Initial studies indicate recoverable volumes of 25 to 47 MMboe. Smorbukk North is located directly north of the Asgard field and could potentially be developed quickly through a tie-in to existing infrastructure, extending the production life of the Asgard facilities.
Project Details: Asgard
Lundin Comes Up Dry with Biotitt Wildcat
Aug 22, 2013 – Lundin Petroleum’s Biotitt wildcat was drilled to total depth without any sign of hydrocarbons. Well 16/4-7 was drilled by the Bredford Dolphin (mid-water semisub) to 8,530 feet measured depth and is being plugged and abandoned as a dry hole. Over 300 feet of excellent quality Jurassic and Triassic sandstone was drilled but was found to be water bearing. Biotitt was the first well to be drilled in PL544 which was awarded in 2009. Lundin Petroleum (40%) serves as operator on behalf of partners Bayerngas (30%) and Explora Petroleum (30%).
Project Details: Biotitt
S. America – Brazil
Petrobras Reports Light Oil from Muriu Appraisal
Aug 22, 2013 – Light oil was encountered while drilling an appraisal well in the Sergipe Basin off the coast of Brazil. Well 3-SES-175D was drilled by the Petrobras 10000 (UDW drillship) to appraise the 2012 Muriu discovery in blocks SEAL-M-347 and SEAL-M-424. The well was drilled to a depth of 18,461 feet and discovered almost 80 feet of reservoir with good porosity. Petrobras, 100% owner of the blocks, plans to conduct a formation test to verify the productive characteristics of the reservoir. A Discovery Evaluation Plan has been submitted for approval by Brazil’s Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels Agency (ANP).
S. America – Other & Carib.
Noble Energy Ready to Spud Nicaraguan Prospect
Aug 22, 2013 – Diamond Offshore’s Ocean Saratoga (mid-water semisub) is on location and preparing to spud the PS1 exploration well at the Paraiso Sur prospect in the Tyra Concession off Nicaragua. Noble Energy, operator of the concession, has allotted 90 days to drill the well. If successful, a second well will be drilled to determine the commerciality of the discovery. Paraiso Sur is estimated to hold P25 gross unrisked resources of 1,220 MMboe.
Project Details: Paraiso
Asia – SouthEast
Anao Phase 4 Compression Project Complete
Aug 23, 2013 – Work on the Anoa Phase 4 project is complete and production from the field has resumed. Phase 4 was implemented to enhance gas compression capacity to handle the increase of associated gas production and offset the decline of oil production at the field. The extra capacity allows for an additional 200 Bcf of undeveloped reserves being delivered from the field.
Project Details: Anoa
Premier Updates Progress at Pelikan and Naga Fields
Aug 23, 2013 – Progress continues on the Pelikan and Naga gas projects in Natuna Sea Block A offshore Indonesia. Construction of the Pelikan and Naga wellhead platforms (WHP) is almost complete. Load-out and installation of the units will take place in 3Q 2013. Planning of the development drilling program is in the final stages and a suitable rig has been secured. Drilling will commence at the end of the monsoon season in 1Q 2014 from the Pelikan and then Naga. Production startup at both platforms is expected to take place in the second half of 2014.
Project Details: Naga – Pelikan
Santos Acquires Interest in Northwest Natuna PSC
Aug 22, 2013 – Santos announced its acquisition of a 50% interest in the Northwest Natuna Production Sharing Contract (PSC) from operator AWE. The PSC is located off Indonesia and contains the undeveloped Ande Ande Lumut oil field which has been independently assessed to contain gross 2P oil reserves of roughly 100 million barrels. Currently, the proposed development concept consists of the installation of a wellhead platform and a permanently moored FPSO with oil take-off via shuttle tankers. A final investment decision is expected in 2014. Execution of the acquisition requires Indonesian regulatory approval.
Project Details: Ande Ande Lumut
Otto Expects Galoc Gas in November 2013
Aug 22, 2013 – Otto Energy made the decision to call total depth while drilling the 6-H well in the Galoc field off the Philippines. An 853-foot section of high quality reservoir was intersected and a 5 ??” completion liner was run over the interval. The well is being suspended prior to running a completion assembly. Wells 6-H and 5-H are being drilled by the Ocean Patriot (mid-water semisub). The rig will now re-enter the 5-H well to drill through the reservoir section and run the completion. Once drilling and testing operations are complete, the Skandia Hercules construction vessel will be brought in to install the subsea equipment and hook up both wells to the Rubicon Intrepid FPSO. Otto anticipates production start-up in November 2013.
Project Details: Galoc
G11/48 Partners Reach Nong Yao Investment Decision
Aug 22, 2013 – Mubadala Petroleum and its partner KrisEnergy have come to an agreement on the final investment decision for the development of the Nong Yao oil field in the G11/48 contract area in the Gulf of Thailand. The field was discovered in 2009 when the Emerald Driller (350′ ILC) drilled the Nong Yao-1 wildcat. Initial development of the field will involve drilling 23 wells, installation of two wellhead platforms and a floating, storage and offloading (FSO) vessel. The facilities will have the capacity to produce 15,000 bopd along with 30,000 bopd of produced fluids. First oil is anticipated in 1H 2015.
Project Details: Nong Yao
N. America – US GOM
Ardennes Well Fails to Deliver
Aug 22, 2013 – No hydrocarbons were encountered while drilling the Ardennes-1 exploratory well in Green Canyon Block 896. The Cobalt-operated well was drilled by the Ensco 8503 (UDW semisub) to 36,552-feet total depth. Both the Miocene and Inboard Lower Tertiary reservoirs were encountered but neither contained commercial quantities of hydrocarbons. Ardennes-1, which is the deepest well drilled to date in the US Gulf of Mexico, will be plugged and abandoned and the rig will mobilize to Cobalt’s Aegean prospect in Keathley Canyon Block 163. Cobalt owns a 42% working interest in Ardennes with partners ConocoPhillips (30%) and Total (28%).
Project Details: Ardennes
Asia – Far East
Roc Oil Completes Beibu Gulf Drilling Program
Aug 22, 2013 – Roc Oil announced the completion of a 5-well development drilling campaign at the WZ 12-8 field in the Beibu Gulf. Conclusion of the program marks the completion of the final stage of development drilling in Block 22/21. In all, 15 wells were drilled within the block to improve existing production and to tap into additional reserves discovered during the 2012 exploration effort. All 15 wells are expected to be on-stream in 3Q 2013 at a rate of approximately 15,000 bopd. The COSL HYSY 931 (300′ ILC) carried out the drilling program and has now been released.
Project Details: Beibu Gulf
Africa – West
Total Reveals Gabon Deepwater Pre-Salt Discovery
Aug 22, 2013 – Total Gabon, operator of the first deepwater pre-salt well in Gabon, announced the discovery of between 160 and 180 feet of net gas and condensate pay while drilling the Diaman-1B well in the Diaba block. The well was drilled by the Ocean Rig Olympia (UDW drillship) to a depth of 18,323 feet and confirmed the existence of a working petroleum system. Diaman-1B is a sidetrack to the Diaman-1 well which spud in April 2013 and is over 60 miles away from the nearest commercial pre-salt discovery. Total (42.5%) serves as operator of the block with partners Marathon (21.25%), Cobalt (21%) and Gabon Oil (15.25%).
Project Details: Diaman
MidEast – Persian Gulf
Barzan Development Drilling Phase Complete
Aug 22, 2013 – RasGas completed its 30-well development drilling campaign for the $10.3 billion Barzan Gas Project. The drilling program required the use of three jackups that combined for a total of 4,740 working days. Technologies such as Pressurized Mud Cap Drilling were utilized to safely drill the wells in the challenging formation. Completion of the drilling phase clears the way for installation of subsea pipelines to carry gas to the Barzan onshore facilities that are 50% complete.
Project Details: Barzan
Woodside Proposes FLNG for Browse
Aug 22, 2013 – Woodside recommended floating LNG (FLNG) technology to the Browse joint venture partners as the best option for the Browse LNG Development off Western Australia. In April 2013, the decision to not proceed with onshore development was determined after the concept did not meet commercial requirements for a positive final investment decision. If approved, the joint venture will rely on Shell’s FLNG knowledge and Woodside’s offshore development expertise. The project comprises the development of the Brecknock, Calliance and Torosa fields with combined contingent gas volumes of 15.9 Tcf and 436 million barrels of condensate.
Project Details: Browse LNG
MEO Announces the Presence of Ramble On
Aug 22, 2013 – MEO Australia, the 100% participant in permits AC/P50 and 51, completed its initial assessment of the permit area. Prospects were identified using reprocessed data from the 2012 Zeppelin 3D seismic survey and the older Onnia 3D survey. A likely drilling candidate is the Ramble On prospect in the southern portion of the block. MEO estimates the prospect to contain unrisked prospective resources of 56 MMstb (mean, recoverable). A successful well could significantly upgrade several other prospects within the area including Stairway and Kashmir. Ramble On is located in AC/P51 in close proximity to the Montara and Talbot fields. AC/P51 is currently in its 5th permit year. The 6th permit year begins in April 21, 2014 and requires the drilling of one exploration well.
Project Details: Ramble On

Shell’s Olympus on Its Way to U.S. GoM Mars Field

Shell’s massive Olympus tension leg platform (TLP) set sail from Ingleside, Texas on 14th July, for a 425 mile trek to its final home on the Mars Field in the Gulf of Mexico.

For 10 days, tugboats will transport the over 120,000 ton platform to the location where work will begin to secure the platform in place. The Olympus TLP will be moored to the seafloor by tendons grouped at each of the structure’s corners and will float in approximately 3000 feet of water.

The Olympus TLP is Shell’s sixth and largest tension leg platform and will provide process infrastructure for two of Shell’s deep water discoveries, West Boreas and South Deimos. The project also includes pipelines that will be routed through West Delta 143C, the recently installed shallow water platform.

The Olympus TLP is expected to start production in 2014, producing at a rate of 100k boe.


Worldwide Field Development News Jul 6 – Jul 12, 2013

This week the SubseaIQ team added 5 new projects and updated 23 projects. You can see all the updates made over any time period via the Project Update History search. The latest offshore field develoment news and activities are listed below for your convenience.

Asia – SouthEast

Premier Close to Commissioning Anoa Phase 4

Jul 12, 2013 – Premiere Oil announced that on June 21 a planned 4-week shutdown of the Anoa field gas processing facility commenced to allow the completion of the Phase 4 compression project. The project was implemented to add additional gas processing capacity to handle the decline of oil production and the increase of associated gas production. First gas is expected near the end of July with final commissioning to be complete by September. Phase 4 will allow the commercialization of roughly 200 Bcf of undeveloped proven reserves. The Anoa field is located off Indonesia in Natuna Sea Block A. Premier (28.667%) operates the field on behalf of its partners KUFPEC (33.33%), Hess (23%) and Petronas (15%).

Project Details: Anoa

KrisEnergy Hits Gas Pay with Tayum-1

Jul 12, 2013 – KrisEnergy, operator of the Kutai PSC offshore Indonesia, announced the completion of drilling operations at the Tayum-1 exploration well. Shelf Drilling’s Randolph Yost (300′ ILC) drilled the well directionally to a measured depth of 11,095 feet (8,410 feet total vertical depth). Almost 50 feet of net gas pay was encountered over multiple sandstone intervals. The well has been plugged and abandoned as a gas discovery.

Project Details: Tayum

Nido Petroleum Secures SC54A Extension

Jul 11, 2013 – Nido Petorleum secured a 12-month extension from the Philippines Department of Energy relating to Sub-Phase 6 for Service Contract (SC) 54A. Sub-Phase 6 now has an effective end date of Aug 4, 2014 and Sub-Phase 7 will commence Aug 5, 2014 and last for 12 months. The extension allows Nido and its partners additional time to complete engineering and development studies prior to making the decision on whether or not to enter Sub-Phase 7. Lawaan is the leading drillable prospect in SC54A with oil-in-place estimates of 34.7 million barrels.

Project Details: Lawaan

Africa – West

Starfish Comes up Dry off Ghana

Jul 11, 2013 – Ophir Energy’s Starfish-1 well has been drilled to 14,370-feet total depth (TD) by the Stena DrillMax (UDW drillship) in the Accra PSC offshore Ghana. A wireline logging program was carried out in the well that confirmed over 750 feet of gross water-bearing sandstone in the primary target. The secondary target was determined to be comprised of poorly developed sands that were also water-bearing. Evaluation of the logging data will continue in an effort to help the PSC partners decide by the Sept. 23-deadline on whether or not to proceed with the Phase 2 work program.

Project Details: Starfish

Pieces Falling in Place for Welwitschia Probe

Jul 11, 2013 – The partners in Namibian license PEL0010 selected the new-build Rowan Renaissance (UDW drillship) to drill the Welwitschia-1 exploration well. Rig delivery is expected to take place in December 2013, at which point the drillship will sail directly to Namibia to spud the well in mid-February 2014. Detailed well planning is underway and a site has been selected that will allow the well to test the primary and secondary targets in Maastrichtian and Aptian-Albian reservoirs. Procurement of long-lead items is underway with deliveries to begin by the end of the year. License partners include Repsol (44%) as operator, Tower Resources (30%) and Arcadia (26%).

Project Details: Welwitschia

Europe – North Sea

Blackford Dolphin Locked to Drill Aragon

Jul 12, 2013 – Bridge Energy, a partner in UK license P1763, announced the Blackford Dolphin (DW semisub) has been contracted by operator-MPX North Sea to test the Aragon prospect with an estimated spud date in 1Q 2014. Aragon is located near the Beryl field and the well will be target sands in the Upper Jurassic Heather formation. Drilling the exploration well will fulfill a work commitment that needs to be completed before 1Q 2015.

Project Details: Aragon

Premier and KUFPEC Increase Bream Interests

Jul 12, 2013 – Premier Oil and KUFPEC Norway AS have entered into an agreement to acquire BG Group’s entire 40% interest in license PL407 on the Norwegian continental shelf. If approved by regulatory authorities, the revised license ownership will consist of Premier (50%) as operator, KUFPEC (30%) and Tullow (20%). PL407 contains the Bream discovery which has been estimated to contain around 50 MMboe. Development of the field is expected to be sanctioned at some point in 2014.

Project Details: Bream

Lundin Adds to Johan Sverdrup Reserves

Jul 12, 2013 – Lundin Petroleum announced the successful completion of its latest Johan Sverdrup appraisal well. Well 16/3-6 was drilled by the Bredford Dolphin (mid-water semisub) to a depth of 6,643. A 37-foot oil column was discovered in good quality Upper Jurassic sandstone. The rig will now mobilize to license PL544 to drill well 16/4-7 on Lundin’s Biotitt prospect.

Project Details: Johan Sverdrup

Cairn Farm-In Approved by Ireland’s DCENR

Jul 12, 2013 – Cairn Energy’s 38% farm-in as operator of Frontier Exploration Licenses (FEL 2/04) and 4/08 has been approved by Ireland’s Minister of State at the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources (DCENR). License FEL 2/04 contains the Burren and Spanish Point discoveries and FEL 4/08 holds the Cama oil prospect. Cairn has contracted the Blackford Dolphin (DW semisub) to drill an appraisal well at Spanish Point in 2Q 2014. In addition to the two FELs, Cairn also secured operatorship of a licensing option in the Porcupine Basin covering 1,062 square miles.

Project Details: Spanish Point

NPD Issues Drilling Permit for Iskrystall Wildcat

Jul 11, 2013 – The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) granted Statoil a permit to drill an exploration well at its Iskrystall prospect in license PL608. Well 7219/8-2 will be drilled by the West Hercules (UDW semisub) in 1,128 feet of water. The well will test a similar early-middle Jurassic play that was proven by the Skrugard and Havis discoveries but is thought to lie at a much greater depth at Iskrystall.

Project Details: Iskrystall

Ocean Vanguard Spuds Cliffhanger North

Jul 11, 2013 – Lundin Petroleum announced the spud of well 16/2-18S in Norwegian license PL265. The well is being drilled by the Ocean Vanguard (mid-water semisub) to test the presence of quality Jurassic reservoir and the quality of fractured and weathered basement rock. Additionally, the well will serve to delineate the northeast extension of the Johan Sverdrup discovery. The rig is expected to be on location for 40 days while drilling to the proposed total depth of 6,463 feet.

Project Details: Johan Sverdrup


Gas Discovery Confirmed at Bianchi-1

Jul 11, 2013 – A wireline logging program being carried out in Apache’s Bianchi-1 well off Western Australia was interrupted to conduct unspecified repairs to the Ocean America (DW semisub). Enough data was acquired prior to the shut-down, confirming a gas discovery in the upper sands of an interval that LWD data indicated to be gas-bearing. The Bianchi joint venture has agreed to drill an additional 100 feet to a total depth (TD) of 17,789 feet. Upon reaching TD, the wireline program will recommence to complete the evaluation of the well.

Project Details: Bianchi

Pryderi Partners Granted Permit Extension

Jul 11, 2013 – IPB Petroleum and CalEnergy were granted a 12-month suspension and extension to years 2 and 3 regarding the work program for permit WA-424-P off Western Australia. A tight rig market prompted the joint venture partners to seek the extension in order to have more time to source a suitable rig to drill an exploration well on the Pryderi prospect. The extra time also allows for the submission of needed revisions to the Pryderi Environmental Plan and Oil Spill Contingency Plan. Submission of the revisions is expected to take place mid-July 2013. Assuming the revisions are accepted and all regulatory approvals are granted, IPB expects to be ready to spud Pyderi-1 in 4Q 2013.

Project Details: Pryderi

Gulf of Mexico: Shell Announces Successful Exploratory Well at Vicksburg Discovery

Shell announces a successful exploratory well at Vicksburg in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico. The well is located 75 miles (120 kilometers) offshore in the De Soto Canyon Block 393 in 7,446 feet (2,269 meters) of water. It was drilled to a total depth of 26,385 feet (8,042 meters) and encountered more than 500 feet (152 meters) of net oil pay.

In total, the Vicksburg “A” discovery is estimated to hold potentially recoverable resources of more than 100 million barrels of oil equivalent (mmboe). It adds to the more than 500 mmboe of potentially recoverable resources that have already been discovered and appraised at the nearby Appomattox discovery. Vicksburg “A” is a separate accumulation from both Appomattox and the 2007 Vicksburg “B” discovery.

“The results of the Vicksburg well strengthen our existing deepwater Gulf of Mexico exploration portfolio and should contribute to the nearby Appomattox discovery,” said Mark Shuster, Executive Vice President Shell Upstream Americas Exploration.

Shell (the operator with a 75% interest) and Nexen, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CNOOC Limited, (25% interest), are following up the Vicksburg “A” well with a sidetrack well to test the Corinth prospect, a separate fault block from the Vicksburg discovery. Further exploration drilling targeting tie-backs to Appomattox will follow.

Press Release, July 03, 2013; Image: Shell


Worldwide Field Development News Jun 8 – Jun 14, 2013

This week the SubseaIQ team added 5 new projects and updated 28 projects. You can see all the updates made over any time period via the Project Update History search. The latest offshore field develoment news and activities are listed below for your convenience.

Europe – North Sea

Total Locks EPC for Edradour Project Management

Jun 14, 2013 – Total E&P has secured the services of EPC Offshore to support the development of the Edradour gas and condensate discovery in block 206/4 on the UK continental shelf. EPC will provide project management services for the development as part of a 6-month contract worth more than $400,000. Edradour was discovered in 2010 and will be tiebacked to the West of Shetland Laggan-Tormore development project. Total operates Edradour with 75% interest while it partner, DONG, maintains the remaining 25% interest. The partners expect the discovery to begin producing in 2016.

Project Details: Laggan-Tormore

AMEC Secures Position in Bentley Development

Jun 13, 2013 – AMEC has been contracted by Xcite Energy to provide engineering services to support development of the Bentley field in the UK North Sea. Both companies have also entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to develop a wider service agreement for the field relating to development scope and ongoing field operations. The MOU includes project and program management and controls, engineering and design through the FEED stage and beyond, fabrication management, sub-contractor management, hook-up and commissioning, operations and maintenance planning and duty holder services.

Project Details: Bentley

WGPSN Receives Beatrice Life of Field Contract

Jun 13, 2013 – Ithaca Energy signed a $200 million managed services contract with Wood Group PSN (WGPSN). The life-of-field contract is a continuation of a contract that WGPSN was awarded in 2008. Terms dictate that WGPSN will operate and manage the Beatrice Alpha and Bravo platforms and the Nigg onshore terminal until the end of their operational life. Production started at Beatrice in 1981 with an estimated 30-year lifespan. Several asset life extension programs have been carried out that have greatly increased the life of the field.

Project Details: Greater Beatrice Area

Appraisal Adds to Johan Sverdrup Potential

Jun 13, 2013 – Statoil announced the results of two appraisal wells that were drilled by the Ocean Vanguard (mid-water semisub) in the western margin of the Johan Sverdrup field. Well 16/2-17S reached a depth of 6,617 feet and penetrated 270-feet of gross oil pay in Jurassic sandstones. A production test was conducted and yielded almost 6,000 bopd with exceptional flow properties in the upper part of the reservoir. Well 16/2-17B was drilled as a sidetrack to the 17S well. Its target was the Cliffhanger South prospect but no hydrocarbons were encountered and the well has been classified as a dry hole.

Project Details: Johan Sverdrup

Mjosa Appears to be Non-Commercial

Jun 11, 2013 – Bridge Energy, minority partner in Norwegian license PL511, indicated that reservoir quality sandstones have been encountered by the Transocean Arctic (mid-water semisub) while drilling exploration well 6406/6-3 on the Mjosa prospect. Initial results indicate the presence of a sub-commercial volume of gas within the reservoir. Data is still being acquired and further interpretation will be needed to determine what potential exists within the prospect. The current plan is to plug and abandon the well upon reaching total depth.

Project Details: Mjosa

Africa – Other

Indian Pair Eyeing Mozambique Area 1 Assets

Jun 11, 2013 – India’s ONGC Videsh (OVL) and Oil India Ltd (OIL) confirmed that they are in advanced negotiations to buy Videocon Industries’ 10% stake in Area 1 offshore Mozambique for $2.47 billion. Several high-profile discoveries have occurred in the area since 2009 and the potential exists for Area 1 to be one of the world’s largest LNG producing hubs by 2018. Recoverable gas reserves for Area 1 are estimated between 35 and 65 Trillion cubic feet (Tcf). If approved, the acquisition will be executed through a 60/40 joint venture between OVL and OIL.

Project Details: Atum


ConocoPhillips and Karoon Struggle Getting Proteus to Bottom

Jun 13, 2013 – ConocoPhillips and Karoon Gas Australia, partners in WA-398-P, have been forced to sidetrack an exploration well being drilled on the Proteus prospect being drilled by the Transocean Legend (mid-water semisub) off Western Australia. Proteus-1ST1 was successfully kicked-off and drilled to 14,740 feet where a well control event forced the partners to shut-in the well. Drilling will continue once the well control issues are remedied.

Project Details: Proteus

N. America – US GOM

Noble Announces Results of Gunflint Appraisal

Jun 14, 2013 – Noble Energy announced results from the second appraisal well drilled on the Gunflint discovery in Mississippi Canyon block 948 in the US Gulf of Mexico. The well was drilled by the Ensco 8501 (DW semisub) to a depth of 32,800 feet. A net pay of 109 feet was encountered within the primary reservoir targets. Logging results confirmed an estimated gross resource range of 65 to 90 MMboe in the main target. An adjacent three-way structure is a candidate for future exploration. Noble and its partners are likely to develop the discovery as a subsea tieback with project sanction expected later 2013.

Project Details: Gunflint (Freedom)

2H to Provide Julia Riser Design to ExxonMobil

Jun 13, 2013 – 2H Offshore, a subsidiary of Acteon, was awarded a contract by ExxonMobil regarding the first development phase of the Julia project in the Walker Ridge area of the US Gulf of Mexico. Julia will be a subsea development tied back to the Jack/St. Malo floating production unit. Under the contract, 2H will conduct a detailed design study of two 10-inch steel catenary production risers. ExxonMobil and Statoil made the decision to proceed with the chosen development concept in May 2013. Production start-up is planned for 2016.

Project Details: Jack/St. Malo

Subsea 7 Lands Heidelberg Gig

Jun 11, 2013 – Anadarko continues to shop for its Heidelberg development in the US Gulf of Mexico with a recent contract award to Subsea 7. Work scope includes the engineering, fabrication and installation of risers, pipelines and flowlines. The installation work will be performed in over 5,200 feet of water. Project management and engineering will begin immediately with offshore activities to follow near the end of 2014.

Project Details: Heidelberg

Asia – SouthEast

Nido Secures SC58 Drilling Extension

Jun 14, 2013 – Nido Petroleum, operator of Service Contract 58, secured a 6-month extension to its Election to Drill Date from its joint venture partner PNOC Exploration. The extension gives Nido until January 11, 2014 to make the decision to drill one of the prospects identified in the area. Located adjacent to the Malampaya gas field, SC58 covers almost 3,335,922 acres. Water depth exceeds 3,280 feet over most of the block. Promising prospects located in the license include Balyena, Butanding and Dorado.

Project Details: Balyena

Stena Clyde Turns to The Right on Hagana Prospect

Jun 14, 2013 – The Stena Clyde (mid-water semisub) has spud the second well in its current drilling program in the Gulf of Papua off Papua New Guinea. Hagana-1 is being drilled in PPL 244 in almost 350 feet of water. The rig is expected to be on location for roughly 40 days as it tests the Pleistocene sandstone structure. Oil Search (40%) operates the license with support from its partners Total (40%) and Nippon Oil (20%). Hagana has been estimated to contain up to 1.3 Tcf of mean, unrisked, prospective gas resources.

Project Details: Hagana

Otto Receives SC69 Extension

Jun 13, 2013 – Otto Energy received a 6-month extension from the Philippines Department of Energy for Exploration Sub-Phase 3 of Service Contract (SC) 69. Sub-Phase 3, which began February 7, 2011, now has an effective expiration date of November 7, 2013. Three potential drilling targets, Lampos, Lampos South and Managau East, were identified with 3D seismic that was acquired in 2011. Otto will use the extension to complete outstanding technical work, begin well planning and start a farm-down process.

Project Details: Lampos

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