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A President Romney Should Shutter Dept. Of Homeland Security … J. D. Longstreet

Even the name of the department conjures up memories of  Nazi Germany.

“Homeland” sounds, to me, rather like “The Fatherland.” Speaking it’s name aloud just makes my skin crawl.

Look. DHS has the capacity to be to America’s citizens what the Gestapo was to the people of Hitler’s Germany and to the people of the countries occupied by the Nazis.

Yes, I do realize the majority of Americans today have little (if any) memory of that era. For those of us who DO remember it, all too well, we DO feel an obligation to warn the generations following us when we see OUR government drifting in the direction of that authoritarian, tyrannical, regime.

Consider this a warning!

Every time the government creates another “policing/intelligence agency” American citizens lose even more freedom and liberty.

Think about it a moment. That new department must justify its reason for existence and it must keep the money flowing from the treasury into its coffers. So, it feels an obligation to do something — and then find new and bolder things to do to try and make itself indispensable to the US government.

Hey. It’s the nature of the beast. It’s the way government agencies live and continue to survive. They grow bigger and bigger taking up more space in our daily lives — until we are darn near smothered with their omnipresence.

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