Alaska export plan collapses

US energy body vacates order for Yukon Pacific to export LNG to Asia.


Yukon Pacific is no longer planning to export LNG from the North Slope of Alaska.

Rachael Meredith in London  
03 January 2012 11:44 GMT

CSX Corporation subsidiary Yukon Pacific is officially pulling out of plans to export LNG from the North Slope of Alaska to Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.

The US Department of Energy has vacated an earlier order to allow the outfit to export up to 350 million tonnes of LNG for a 25 year term.

Yukon said it is no longer pursuing efforts to export LNG and “is in the process of concluding its business affairs”.

The company first received consent to ship LNG from Alaska in 1989. It had planned to build a gas pipeline parallel to the trans-Alaska oil pipeline, with the option of constructing an LNG facility at Valdez.


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