Petrobras Discovers Oil at Tucura Well, Campos Basin, Offshore Brazil


Brazil’s Petrobras has confirmed the presence of oil in well 4-VD-18-RJS (4-BRSA-994-RJS), situated in Campos Basin, in the area known as Marlin Comp.

The well,  known as Tucura, is located between the production fields of Voador and Marlim, at a water depth of 523 meters. Located 98 km from the shore of Rio de Janeiro State, the well is 3 km from Marlin’s Field and 2.3 km from the P-20 platform.

Within the framework of the Varredura Project, the discovery confirms the remaining oil potential in areas already considered mature in terms of exploration and production. This confirmation will speed up production in Marlin and Voador concessions.

The discovery was confirmed by sampling in post-salt rock in a reservoir located at a water depth of 2,694 meters.

Preliminary analyses indicate that the oil discovered is of the same quality as in adjacent fields, Marlin and Voador i.e. 20o API.

“Petrobras will continue with the activities and investments estimated in the Assessment Plan, including drilling a horizontal production well.” said the South American energy giant on its website.


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