Paul Ryan’s Path to Prosperity, 2012

By Ellie Velinska

Progressive talking heads are fainting with excitement on TV over the Islamic world newly found love for democracy. Meanwhile, George Soros funded experts explain to the revolutionary crowds around the world that the reason they cannot afford food is America’s policy to cover the debt with make-believe dollars. They make it sound like the food will be plenty and affordable again if only somebody can get rid of the US dollar as the world currency. Does Mr. Soros care about the mother in Africa who puts her hungry child to sleep? Or is he cheering the humanitarian disaster with hope that it will put him in charge of the new world currency printing press?

Is President Obama ‘quantitivly easing’ his way to re-election or is he ready to get out of office in two years enjoying his life as the celebrity who ‘saved the world from the US dollar’?

The President of the United States is voting present on the fiscal crisis by proposing a budget with deficit over a trillion dollars. That means that Barack Obama is fine with another dose of the borrowing and ‘digitizing’ money: policy that is now deemed to be bloody across the world.

It doesn’t have to be this way. America can save the dollar as the world currency if the politicians stop the financial orgy of the US government. Leadership will not come from the progressives (democrats or republicans), because many of them are just fine with kicking the dollar until it comes home crippling making way for the new Open Society money masters.

Leadership can come from the old-fashioned Conservatives whose radical grandmothers thought them the trick of balancing the budget: don’t spend what you don’t have.

Paul Ryan presented the Republican Path to Prosperity budget balancing proposal. Parts of it make sense; parts of it are very disappointing.

Defense Department seems to be the only part of the government that is functioning in accordance to the reality. Secretary Robert Gates was able to organize house cleaning by collecting proposals for cuts internally so the Pentagon was ready with $178 billion in cuts and savings without waiting for Nancy Pelosi with the hammer, John Boehner with the hatchet and Barack Obama with the machete to appear at the door.

It is a strategy that makes sense. The bureaucrats can have much happier transition during the downsizing of the federal government if they follow the Defense Department lead and cut their own budget before Paul Ryan or other outsiders start digging in their yard. Unfortunately the Ryan’s plan does not go deep enough into the every department or agency’s affairs (with the exception of the EPA where the cuts go deep, very deep…)

The Government Accountability Office also came up with 100 billion in cutting redundancies and gets a ‘You did it’ sticker reward.

YouCut and the earmark ban make easy talking points and identify weird programs and policies that are ready go out the door.

The rest of the federal government consists of creatures that view themselves as Untouchables and if they remain such the US dollar will be over, so the Paul Ryan’s proposal has some plans to shake them up a bit.

The Path leads to reducing the number of the federal workforce by 10% by 2014. It is done in a humane way – on every three retired the government will hire one. The rate of downsizing of the federal workforce is higher than the one proposed by the Obama Debt and Deficit commission (two hired for every three retirees).

Deeply disappointing is the way Ryan’s proposal deals with the fraud and abuse across the federal government. The plan borrows the idea from the Debt Commission about creating a new bureaucracy and hiring more federal agents to look for government waste. This makes as much sense as policing Afghanistan for drugs while letting Charley Sheen to roam around Hollywood with a suitcase full of cocaine. More policing is not going to help until the real cause is addressed. In the case of the government waste the cause for the wide spread fraud and abuse is the insane size of the federal bureaucracy and the purposefully complicated way the business is conducted. The leaner the federal government the easier the waste will be identified. Making up a new committee is adding to the problem, not solving it.

Ryan’s plan is getting rid of many federal subsides including those for energy and agriculture. Those come in the category: too good to become true. The stars in that category are Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac which will be privatized. The proposal is winding down federal insurance guarantees for the GSE monsters and FDIC. Will the banks fly on their own soon? Right there with the pigs.

These are the itsy-bitsy cuts in Ryan’s Path to Prosperity and they seem achievable if good will meets the Republicans in the Senate. The trillions in cuts however come from a tax and entitlement reform that is a bit murky in details, so I will leave them for the next post waiting for a few questions to be asked and answered.

To be continued…


The Moral Liberal Contributing Editor, Ellie Velinska, is the editor of the excellent blog: Big A naturalized American citizen, she lives in North Carolina and is registered as a non-affiliated voter. Ellie attended and completed high school in the USSR and has Masters Degree in Psychology from Sofia University, Bulgaria. In 2000 Ellie and her husband moved to America after winning the Green Card Lottery. She says, the ‘New Media’ is a perfect challenge and quite convenient for her now that she is a mother of two boys.

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