Obama’s Libya War Czar Defends Muslim Brotherhood


by Tom McGregor
Tue, Apr 5, 2011, 08:15 PM

The Muslim Brotherhood is a radical militant-extremist Islamic political organization that seeks to overthrow Middle East governments that take a dim view of jihad. They claim they’re fighting for human rights, but actually hold this philosophy: “we demand the world tolerate or intolerance.”

In other words, they seek to impose Sharia Law all over the Middle East and if any Arab government stops them, they’ll just launch violent co-called democracy demonstrations, get the backing of President Barack Obama, CNN and the United Nations and continue to fight until the next regime topples. Libya seems to be the target right now.

Apparently, Obama’s National Security Adviser, Samantha Powers, isn’t making it a secret that she favors the covert philosophy of the Muslim Brotherhood. She inspired billionaire George Soros, an oil speculator, to finance a think tank that advocates normalizing US government ties with the Muslim Brotherhood. The foundation is called the Global Center for the Responsibility to Protect.”

According to New American magazine, “the Global Ceneter was created in February 2008, according to its website, ‘to catalyze action to move the 2005 World Summit agreement on the responsibility to protect populations from genocide, ethnic cleansing, war crimes and crimes against humanity from principle into practice.’”

The doctrine of the organization is frequently drawn up by the International Crisis Group (ICG), which is largely financed by Mr. Soros, who serves on the board of the executive committee.

As reported by New American, “WND reports that the ICG has ‘been petitioning for the U.S. to normalize ties with the Muslim Brotherhood,’ and includes on its board Egyptian opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei, as well as others who ‘champion dialogue with Hamas.’ The group has also petitioned for the Algerian government to cease ‘excessive military activities against al-Qaeda-linked groups.’”

Soros’s Open Society Institute is funding numerous opposition groups across the Middle East that include those involved in the current Libyan War.

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