API: Industry meets final requirement for drilling to resume

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WASHINGTON, February 17, 2011 — The U.S. oil and natural gas industry has completed the final requirement necessary to return to production in the Gulf, according to the American Petroleum Institute, with today’s news that the industry-led Marine Well Containment Company had completed testing.

“The oil and natural gas industry’s more than 60-year history of safely drilling more than 42,000 offshore wells, our unprecedented response to last year’s Gulf accident, our ongoing efforts to raise the bar on safety standards, and our record of workplace safety, all speak to our commitment to safety,” said Jack Gerard, president and CEO of API.

“The readiness of the Marine Well Containment Company and the systems necessary to respond to a deepwater drilling incident, show this industry has met every requirement for resuming operations in the Gulf and is ready to get back to work providing the energy this country needs,” said Gerard.

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API: Industry meets final requirement for drilling to resume.

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